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Global warming offers everyone a choice 

It's official:  The global warming crisis is in your face.  Recent news stories have dwarfed any other climate stories to date in terms of shock value, although "old stories" such as the North Pole melting haven't "gone away" at all.  

This calls for serious action such as massive land-use changes, for example, to start producing and distributing food more locally.  This would greatly reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions distorting the climate.  People are already doing this to fight global warming and get more out of life.

Now that the world knows of global warming's massive species-extinction and the sudden, paradoxical North Atlantic ice age expected, here's the question for any car driver, refrigerator user and computer person:  Is the human race like the bucket of frogs about to be boiled, and if so, are we led and bossed by fat frogs who don't know they're in the same bucket?  Developments force us to pay attention: if oil supply is not anything to worry about because we have great faith in technology, now we face the prospect of unbelievable cold in our northern climes which will immediately strain heating oil supplies and the world petroleum market to the breaking point.

Beware: the Pentagon and the corporations have started to take global warming more seriously than most of us realize.  The problem is that their agenda is for the nation to "adapt" to climate change instead of slashing greenhouse gas emissions to defend nature as we always knew it.

Now that global warming is in everyone's face, once and for all, forever, it is time that so-called "radical action" be given its due — according to science-based reality.  Our essays and website, as well as our programs, are an essential part of whatever is the best and only approach, which we are all about to discover for our species' survival.  It can only help that Culture Change / Sustainable Energy Institute seems to know a lot more about what needs to be done than many a flailing, progressive green organization.  

Stop the global warmers! "We have met the enemy and he is us."  You can choose to fry the planet while you can still get away with it, or discover a more cooperative approach to begin a sustainable way of living.

For climate news and organizing help, look into the Global Warming Crisis Council on this website

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Culture Change Letter #53


by Jan Lundberg

Living by the clock.
Eating by the clock.
Clocking your speed down the deathway road.
Surrounded by walls.
Buying things you need that you could have and should have made or grown.
Not having money to buy the things you need and not having land that can provide them.
Being told what to do and think by authorities who serve the rich.
Being subject to innumerable laws designed to control a rising population.
Getting cancer from chemical exposures deliberately allowed into the air, water and food.
Paying pharmaceutical companies for questionable cures when the drugs are just more fossil fuel derivatives like the chemicals that gave you cancer. 
Watching a hard-working society bleed to death from wars and karmic costs of killing millions of innocents abroad over the decades.  
Being isolated so much that material things serve as friends.

     This is no way to live.  The list can go on forever, such is the moral bankruptcy of our "leaders" and the failure of an educational system that requires mainly conformism.

     This is not a "This is how to live."  But think on these things:

Growing more food locally, for everyone.
Taking care of the land, air, and water as if they are ours and our ancestors' and descendents'.
Deciding for ourselves what is right, when it comes to action on any issue.
Making decisions via consensus and not marginalizing or excluding a segment of the population.
Spending our money in our own economy instead of sending wealth to corporations in Detroit or "Delaware."
Having time to spend with your family, friends, and doing what you want to do.
Educating your own children.  Having your parents and grandparents around to help teach.
Painting or writing your masterpiece.
Singing your song, sharing your poem.
Healing the land as you heal your body.
Loving all whom you chose, if welcome, and restricting no one from freedoms such as loving.
Taking responsibility for your own life — making your destiny — by living your adventure.
Learning whatever you can and applying it.

     When there is no TV and no petroleum, the above changes can and will be carried out and not just thought upon.

     The entire socioeconomic system is a fraud if it serves up cancer on a bun:  Billions and billions of units "served," manufactured, broken, land-filled.  It's too little too late for recycling as a solution to maintain our present habits.  Best get outraged and walk out of the fast food "restaurant" before allowing one more of your hard earned dollars to be misappropriated.  May love and peace come to you.



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Pentagon plans for climate change: read a Fortune magazine article.

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Jan Lundberg's columns are protected by copyright; however, non-commercial use of the material is permitted as long as full attribution is given with a link to this website, and he is informed of the re-publishing:


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