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Welcome to the first issue of Culture Change magazine

Welcome to "the Auto-Free Timesí nineteenth issue." We now call this magazine Culture Change to try to improve our focus.

Please let us know what you think.

As this issue shows, we still hope to bring about a global halt to new road construction, and we still promote car-free living. But there was always a lot more to Auto-Free Times, and we now get down to those issues by going deeper and broader.

You can send us your articles, drawings, cartoons and photographs beyond transportation, land use and energy.

The Auto-Free Times started off as the Paving Moratorium Update in 1990. It shed the latter name and tabloid format in the mid 1990s. But, despite the compliments we always got for uniquely addressing critical issues ignored by the mainstream environmental movement, we sort of reached a point of spinning our tires and not getting much traction. Itís okay to be ahead of the times, but when a change can help, one should go for it.

This time Iím hopeful of greater success in publishing for a good cause. All good causes, in a way, are covered by the concept of culture change. Iím happy about my work again, and my colleagues are on board more than ever.

Reactions are typified by the excellent contributions of exclusive articles whose subjects go beyond even the wide range covered in the Auto-Free Times of yore.

Considering the heightened threat of violence as the U.S. responds uncreatively to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, it is important to address societyís violence. Culture Change does this unflinchingly. The dominant order likes to use violence (despite its claims), against people and nature, so we here are part of the worldwide movement creating peace on all levels.

Culture Change is for anyone wanting to see more family cohesion and solidarity, more community to fall back on when getting carjacked, or anyone reducing overconsumption. You donít have to be car-free or fight highway constructionóbut youíll see the need if you donít already!

Wouldnít it be great if we could just transform overnight into a bike-riding, train-transported, walking, sailing, paddling, horseback-riding society? But if you insist on working for someone else, donít worry, you can still get to work: if commuting is your thing. Let it happenófor as long as energy supplies permit! Thereís the rub. Thereís the global warming. The war on mother Earth. Such violence needs to be curbed if we wish to cure terrorism, so we canít ignore what motor vehicles do to our lives. General Motors et al is not just above the law, it may be the law. Then what? We "Reclaim the Streets," although protesting nonviolently can get you labeled "terrorist" today more easily, by those who already wanted more control over all citizens.

This magazine may help us all get to nonviolenceónot passivityósoon; later is too late.

Sustainability through peace, and peace through sustainability.

I have contributed more than my normal share of articles this issue. Please send material for us to publish (without my byline - ha ha), and join us in hoping to be able to pay contributors some day.

If you want Culture Change to continue in its mission to help change or replace modern destructive culture, then please let us know in any and all ways.

Join in a beautiful cause and hope-filled endeavor. Our readers have almost all agreed in the concept of freedom from "asphault" and other forms of petroleum dependency. Letís see how much better we can together further the global movement for a sustainable, just world.



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Culture Change was founded by Sustainable Energy Institute (formerly Fossil Fuels Policy Action), a nonprofit torganization.