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Ukraine society: a disaster like Chernobyl

I had in mind to portray many problems that besiege my country, and thought that they can be summed up in one phrase: "rich get rich and the poor stay poor"  ("Everybody knows" by Leonard Cohen).

All that Vandana Shiva has been saying about insecurities - ecological, economical, cultural -  holds true not only in "third-world" India, but also in the "second-hand," post-Soviet states.

I give you an example: Kiev is bustling with new "cultural" centers, fancy shops, casino, etc.  But there's no quality water.  Those who are rich can buy the bottles.  Others have to fetch filters that are quite expensive, too. Only foreign offices (run by Americans) can afford to install the quality filters.  The majority have to drink the water from the Dnieper (polluted by industry and Chernobyl).

As to energy: Ukraine is the most energy intensive country in the world. The steel and chemical plants continue to devour enormous quantities of energy (spitting tons of pollutants into the air), while many rural schools and hospitals don't have enough heat. (The thing is that steel remains one of the few items of export). Coal mines are working for that steel industry, where miners perish by the dozen.  The coal extraction has long became unprofitable for the Ukrainian economy. And the government is furthering not conservation but the construction of two nuclear reactors, and even thinking about re-starting Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.  (Electricity also serves as the "pure" export energy for Europe from hopelessly polluted Ukraine).

Unfortunately, Ukraine has a weak democracy and cannot oppose blatant government policy.  The society has lived under autocracy for 80 years, we had no civil dissidents whatsoever (in Russia, for example, were Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov -  I exclude West Ukraine's dissidents that opposed central authorities on a nationalist ground). What about a Green Party, then?  Nothing. Absolutely nothing. A showcase. It doesn't even oppose the existing corruptive regime.

Also, the new generation that is coming on the scene has little understanding of the past. The elite is preoccupied rather with the new gadgets from the West. Media outlets are a puppet in the hands of the ruling class (ex-Soviet nomenclature plus criminal elements hybrid). Independent journalists get killed. No wonder that people are scared to overtly oppose the regime, or even state their mind openly.  In these circumstances, we need help and to be stirred up by humans rights organizations in the West.

My conversing with you over the Net has always been a source of joy, as well as a great moral help. I see that I'm not alone in this darkening age. But I wish we could unite more tightly. I don't know how many Chernobyls it should take before an environmental agenda re-enters people's minds.

In solidarity and hope,
Victor Postnikov

The above was originally written for the LeftBio discussion group online, headed by David Orton of Canada.


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