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CAOE - Committee Against Oil Exploration - stop offshore oil drilling to protect sensitive habitats and cut petroleum dependence.

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Arcata city council's proclamation against war on Iraq and Kyoto Protocol proclamation.

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"It's hard to destroy wilderness without roads." ó Jan Lundberg, founder, Alliance for a Paving Moratorium, 1991

Road fighting and eco-system news

Focus on Ireland:

The concrete isle
Mark Lynas, the Guardian (UK)
Ireland has become rich. It has also surrendered itself to motorways,
shopping malls, and urban sprawl, stripping peat bogs, demolishing monuments along the way. Mark Lynas reports on one of the world's worst polluters,3605,1364782,00.html ,
also posted at Energy Bulleting
Traffic, Cars and Peak Oil
Indymedia (Ireland)
 "Building a motorway which would be designed for handling 50,000+ cars a day is a complete waste of time. We will be destroying our heritage for nothing. It is worth noting that the scheduled completion date for the new motorway by the NRA is around 2010. From the graph and of course the latest date for peak oil (2005) from ASPO, we will already be on our way down in our usage of oil and cars and the steep decline in place continues after that time."
also posted at

Endangered Species Act listing crisis  
The efforts of the Center for Biological Diversity, past member of the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium, has a great record but more bad news on listings.

I-69 - a NAFTA Superhighway - debate continues

The loss of a large cat species for a ROAD??
- April 29, Endangered Species Coalition

A new report to the European parliament warns that the Iberian lynx, now down to an estimated 135 cats and only 28 breeding females, is ìon the verge of extinctionî says The Guardian (UK) in its April 26 edition.  The population has plunged from thousands four decades ago and ìthe remaining animals are widely separated and there may be only one viable population left: in the Sierra Morena in southern Spain.î  And, that population is threatened by a new highway.  The report concludes that ìthe first extinction of a big cat species since prehistoric times would be an embarrassment to the European Union.î

- source: GREENLines, Issue 2097 
A daily news digest from the Endangered Species Coalition about imperiled species and the people working to stop extinction. For more on what you can do

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Ancient Forest Protection in Northern California. Forest defenders climb trees to save them.

Daniel Quinn's thoughts on this website.

A case study in unsustainable development is the ongoing crisis in Palestine and Israel.

Renewable and alternative energy information.

Conserving energy at home (Calif. Title 24)

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