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Culture Change issue #19


A violent culture is not the only one conceivable

Welcome to the first issue of Culture Change

Quinn Weighs In

Afghanistan attack smells of oil motive

Culture ChangeMission statement: Culture Change

Sustainable Culture Points of Change

Doing what YOU WANT to do

The unsustainability of sustainability

Why a culture change has been necessary after the 1960s

Failure to change culture explained!

A Manifesto: An argument for culture shock-treatment

U.S. population growth threatens global sustainability

Overpopulation & terrorism: rats in a cage

Too many people, too little power

Is oil-transported food "organic?"

The high costs of paving

Vehicle noise and the toll on people

Peak oil: A turning point for humankind

War and GWBís oil savvy: More cause for depression

Why culture change is necessary and underway

Front-line low profile culture changers

Sustainability of Feminism: Biological Feminism

Jordan: Tradition and modern culture

Family cohesion challenged by sprawl and greed

Wake up to Gaia!

On diversity, monoculturalism and spirit

Sustainable Consumption?


Hitchhikerís clubs springing up in U.S.

Good-bye Alliance for a Paving Moratorium? Hello sustainability

Resources: magazines for sustainable living and activism


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