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The bloody Iraq Occupation and U.S. policies

Iraqi thinking he'll be electrocuted

May 1, 2004 
To: Letters to the Editor 
The Washington Post 
1150 15th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20071 

Fallujah retreat due to "Allegations"? 

Dear editor, 
The surprise retreat of the Marines from Fallujah might have been with the knowledge from on high that the jig was up: with the U.S. militaryís torture and sex pictures about to hit the world media, after equally bad press from U.S. bombing of civilians in Fallujah, it was foretold that U.S. rule is all but washed up in Iraq. 
     The Post soft-pedaled the torture and abuse story April 30 by the article's placement on page A-24 and the weak headline ìAllegations of Abuse Lead to Shakeup at Iraqi Prison.î Even so, any reader saw the bare truth jump out. I allege that The Post catered to the feelings of the U.S. military and the White House, when your readership ó that includes the Arab and Muslim world ó needed a front page, honest headline. 
     I also allege that the war on Iraq is mostly about oil. I allege that over ten thousand Iraqi civilians have been slaughtered for ìfreedom.î I allege that the U.S. television networks used the Pentagonís public relations slogan ìOperation Iraqi Freedom.î I allege that the U.S. public hogs energy twice as bad as Western Europe. I allege society is doing almost nothing about global warming except adding to it. I allege the Sierra Club pays its salaries in part from car company ads. 
Jan Lundberg 
Culture Change 
Arlington, Virginia 
(215) 243-3144

Note: the Post did not publish the above letter.  Nor does it print much about the kind of U.S. activity pictured below.





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