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14 July 2024
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How Long Do We Hammer Away at the Mountain?
by Jan Lundberg   
07 February 2009
Image Culture Change Letter #235 - To remove a major obstacle, we need the right tools. Our larger goal is to stop industrial economy's threat to the global ecosystem. What changes and alternatives must be made to the dominant system?
Downward Spiral's Silver Lining: End of Lonely Plastic Culture
by Jan Lundberg   
06 February 2009
Culture Change Letter #234 - We all see and feel the intensifying depression of the consumer economy, with incalculable human costs such as hunger, loss of homes, sense of failure, and fear of the unknown. This column has long warned of collapse of the petroleum economy and of the ecosystem, and we don't feel good about being right about bad news. However, we have always maintained there is a better way to live life than to trash the planet as isolated consumers under the yoke of exploitation. We've even pointed the way with specifics.
The World Turned Upside Down
by Rafiq Hilton   
04 February 2009
ImageOver here in the UK I have been following the programmes of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a TV chef with a difference. As he has journeyed into self-sufficiency over the past ten years at his smallholding River Cottage, his programmes have charted that journey...
Usufruct: End Private Property to Solve the Financial Crisis and Create Food Security
by Chuck Burr   
03 February 2009
Locking up the land has been a great way to concentrate wealth, and for a minority to dominate the majority. In England .28 percent of the population owns 64 percent of the land. In the United States the top one percent of the population now owns more than the bottom 95 percent. But it is time to end private property.
A Lesson of History - report from Mexico
by Albert Bates   
02 February 2009
Image This past week I have been working with some small town residents in rural Mexico in their preparations for petrocollapse, and naturally my first recommendation is to get out of the way of the peso, because it is coming down. Today it is trading at 15 to the dollar, which is great for people with dollars, but not so good if you are getting paid 150 pesos per day...
Making the Best of a Slow Apocalypse
by Joe Bageant   
30 January 2009
[The main title of this essay as originally published is "The Sucker Bait Called Hope," but we felt its secondary title above reflects the main beauty of the piece which came out two months ago. -ed.]
We just concluded an election in which both parties talked about hope, one more so than the other. Hope, that murky, undefined belief that some unknown force, perhaps Jesus, or modern science, or some great political leader, or other -- as yet unknown force -- will reverse our national or personal condition...
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