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Pedal Power solutions to petroleum dependence and polluting vehicles: Arcata Library Bikes, Pedal Power Produce, and more!

CAOE - Committee Against Oil Exploration - stop offshore oil drilling to protect sensitive habitats and cut petroleum dependence.

Culture Change through music! The Depavers eco-rock!

Take our Pledge for Climate Protection and learn about the Global Warming Crisis Council.

SEI hometown action!
Arcata city council's proclamation against war on Iraq and Kyoto Protocol proclamation.

Overpopulation has become a reality.  Overpopulation Resources and News Tidbits

Sail Transport Network

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War on plastic  -  Rejecting the toxic plague  Campaigns to enact bag-fee ordinances for supermarkets, and more

Fasting for healing and inner peace

The technofix isn't On 
greening the petroleum economy

Other Culture Change columns on peak oil, petroleum dependence, overpopulation, social phenomena and sustainable living, by Jan Lundberg:

Fall of Petroleum Civilization
section on peak oil developments

Music: The Depavers eco-rock!

A culture of torture: out of control? -  Pepperspray via Q-tip, war, ecocide, etc. 

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
by Sushil Yadav The author, from India, has studied emotion and inputs as affected by speed, time and technology.

Interview with Jan Lundberg on peak oil and cultural change


The Pepper-spray-by-Q-tip legal case in federal court was finally successful for the plaintiffs in San Francisco on April 28, after a hung jury on September 22.  Protesters in sit-ins for the ancient redwoods were tortured in 1997 via Q-tips (dipped in pepper-spray) put on the eyes, and sued Humboldt County, California law enforcement agencies and the present and former sheriffs who were found liable.  "Domestic torture happens when protesters oppose clearcutting ancient redwoods." - Jan Lundberg, father of a plaintiff.  Read an update of the case and hear new interviews.  Courtroom art by K. Rudin.

Our ice cap in 1979:


source: NASA

Peak oil in a nutshell: Here comes the nutcracker by Jan Lundberg on

nutcracker & Earth by Tim Barton of Bluegreenearth


by Ken Avidor

Iraqi children: victims of U.S. invasion.  Photo gallery

Tools for Sustainability
"People can organize and invest in their neighborhoods and regionsRestructuring Our Economic System(s) Restructuring Our Economic System(s) by Mike Morin
Process-intensive air well by R. Forrester

Focus on Ireland:
Tragedy of the trees
The concrete isle

Coal Gasification:"Oil-crisis solutions are not technological"- Jan Lundberg 


Inherent Hazards of Carpooling+Youth at the wheel by Jim Doherty, Bike Blogger Sprinting madly to the Arctic by Pincas Jawetz, Culture Change International Editor

Why have prices of crude oil gone up? 
by Denis Frith

The Hydrogen Economy ö Energy and Economic Black Hole 
see article by Alice Friedemann 


he main reason for the Iraq War and U.S. imperialism in the region is to secure profitable crude oil.  "What is our oil doing under their sand?!"  U.S. civilization requires meeting its insatiable demand for energy at any cost.   U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow said on May 23, "It is vital that oil producers provide adequate supplies to ensure that prices are at levels that foster strong global economic growth."

Tire wall near U.S.A., outside Juarez, Mexico   Photo by Harmony Groves

Is the freedom to waste the planet what "we" are fighting for in Iraq?

Sustainable Energy Institute was established in Washington, D.C. as a "global warming center" according to the press.  USA Today ran a story on our founder Jan Lundberg with the headline "Lundberg Lines Up With Nature."  As a former oil analyst, he first focused on transportation efficiency, so our first project was the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium.  We soon began publishing the Auto-Free Times magazine, replacing it with Culture Change in 2001.  

Our projects function as alternatives to petroleum dependence.  Join us by signing up for the free weekly Culture Change Letter via email.  The United Nations links to our climate change stories ÷ shouldn't you? 

Syndicated Culture Change Letters by Jan Lundberg:

Depaver Jan's Petroleum Tour: Earth Day reality check

Activists and hipsters without territory or a plan

From the northern redwoods to Berkeley Babylon

Ways to end car culture along with the globalized trade godzilla

A survey on trends and outcomes from a long, personal perspective  

All 95 titles' links are at the Culture Change Letter ARCHIVE


Features and vital links:
Oil supply basics: 10 points
by Jan Lundberg (Feb. 2005)
U.S. policy in a nutshell: free-market dependence.  War? - so what? - more at our Fall of Petroleum Civilization page
Another reason for a War on Plastic: additive deca-BDE 
This flame retardant is toxic, is in almost every environment, and is piling up.
Living the non-American-consumer life in the Old Country by Si Brunk
Tools for Sustainability
Climate change wreaking havoc with seasons
Hilarious and clever riding
by Jim Doherty, Bike Blogger
Nature as my guide 
Silent hiking
by Celu Hamer
Transportation justice - "Yeah, but..." the elderly and mobility 
Plastic Oceans unimaginable pollution
Health Resources

Transportation legislation: whence pollution emanates or abates
Dwindling oil no doubt:  The New York Times covers the Oil Crunch.
Road-fighting/endangered species
Rising amounts of pollutants in natural gas supplies is a recent phenomenon.  Find out: Natural gas quality raises concerns
Bicycle news/issues/culture including Cuba coverage and Bike Blogger
Trade and Petroleum - what role for the car?
Public Health and Petroleum
  Poetry Corner
: fabulous, fictitious authors: Dr. Seuss and Madeleine Albright 
U.S. Politics page

Eliminating the Car

Sustainable Energy Institute actively promotes cultural change as a key to long-term survival for us and Earth's many creatures.  Does economic growth via fossil fuels and materialism provide real security?  Do car-dependence, petroleum-based food supply and war for oil contribute to a healthy society and clean environment?  Join with us as we explore the alternatives.  

Dow Jones on peak oil and shortages: the corporate press acknowledges the end of petro-affluence.

See our new webpages concerning the Fall of Petroleum Civilization

Global Warming Crisis in Your Face:

Now that we know of massive species extinction and a North Atlantic ice age right up ahead, the question for any concerned citizen: Is the human race like the bucket of frogs about to be boiled, led and bossed by happy frogs who don't know they're in the same bucket?  We have met the enemy and he is us.  Stop the global warmers!  Look into the Global Warming Crisis Council and the Pledge for Climate Protection.

From our international editor

Pincas Jawetz 
A Way To Test Future Industry Mandates 
"WAS THERE A PUTIN NOD TO KYOTO?" (Rejected by the New York Times
Oil as glue ÷ Interests that created Iraq
graphic by Tim Barton
The Price of Oil and Austrian Gold
The unveiling of the world's largest gold coin
Argentina energy policy has not yet done it right
President Kirchner of Argentina in New York City
Necessity Causes Argentina to Do Good
Climate: Frozen out at the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development

Trying to keep corporate news media honest
Climate change negotiations as see through the reaction to mad cow disease in the U.S.  
United Nations Climate Change Meeting,
Milan, Italy, Dec. 1-12, 2003.  Special report in three parts.  (The U.N.'s website links to these reports.)

Hold the leading news media accountable:  Have a letter you think should have been printed by the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, that pertains to changing mainstream culture away from petroleum dependence?  Did they not just reject publishing your letter, but keep something out of the public eye?  Send it to us for placement on our pages, Rejected by the New York Times and Rejected by the Wall Street Journal

Abu Ghraib Prisoner AbuseNews, reports and analysis
Iraqi POWs and detainees being tortured and killed by U.S. and U.K. forces should help anyone understand why future strikes against the U.S. including civilians are most likely.  See our No War for Oil page

Republican National Convention protests:
Guantanamo on the Hudson
: toxic residue for jailed protesters
Dissenters are taught yet another lesson about the land of free speech & assemblyFor latest updates, see (NYC).  
Republican National Convention protests.
The first report is Robocop deluxe.  "A-31" was an action where hundreds of thousands of protesters used various methods to express their politics.  "I was amongst the 1,100 people arrested..."  Read Concentration camp similarity.

Another of our correspondents in New York gets some first hand experience getting abused and awakened to being considered a threat because of two wheels: RNC Critical Mass Bike Ride 260 out of 6,000 riders arrested 

Feature:  Sprawl politics: Jeb Bush leading land gluttony by Joel S. Hirschhorn 


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Updates, studies and projects:

SEI's Jan Lundberg gave a speech on Conservation at The Institute of Petroleum's annual conference in London, Feb. 17th, 2003. One outcome of that event is to be the creation of localized "Citizen Petroleum Councils."  Read about CPCs and read the full text of his speech.

Read our attack on Paul Krugman's position on globalization in a New York Times letter published Dec. 5, 2003.  

Anti-globalization protests:  Washington, DC had a relatively small rally and march, but the weather and the cops were mellow. Read about the April 24 Mobilize Against Globalization

Miami, Florida saw massive protest against the FTAA in November
2003.  The WTO, NAFTA and Plan Puebla Panama are all tied into the FTAA.  Read about and see photos on Miami and the Cancun WTO showdown in September 2003: see our WTO protests page.

Saving the redwoods: Learn about the historic Humboldt County lawsuit against the Pacific Lumber Company and the corporation's environmentally destructive timber harvest practices. For more information read the D.A.'s complaint.  The corporation funded a recall election against the D.A., but he survived handily on the March 2
, 2004 election, so he'll keep his job and keep suing Pacific Lumber.  But after these battles, what is next?  See Humboldt's Economic Vision.

Coal mining is an insidious, polluting activity that consumerism contributes to.  Mountain top removal must be stopped.  Read about a recent Earth First! action and legal battle in Tennessee on behalf of Zeb Mountain, on our coal webpage. 
Coal-fired power plants emit vast quantities of mercury which is highly toxic.  The Bush EPA doesn't want to inconvenience industry, so the amount we're dealing with annually nowadays should be put into perspective:
"It takes just the amount of one mercury temperature household-size fever- thermometer to contaminate all the fish and water and life of one 20 acre lake. That's 0.7 grams of mercury!  48 tons is 48,000,000 grams, enough for approximately 68,571,428 ( million) 20- acre lakes." Tony Pereira, ME, EIT

Arcata, California passed a law against compliance with the Patriot Act.  Read a London newspaper article.

September 11, 2001 had an affect on almost everyone on the planet.  Culture Change's funding almost dried up.  That's trivial compared to the fate of innocent Afghanis, Iraqis, and Americans.  What really happened on 9-11? see our 9-11 info webpage.   

We thank the James McGreen & Nancy K. Cadigan Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County for their continuing support of Culture Change.

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Culture Change was founded by Sustainable Energy Institute (formerly Fossil Fuels Policy Action), a nonprofit organization.